We are all Divinely created as completely unique, highly individuated Beings.

And we were blessed with the same creative abilities AS the Divine.

We all have the ability, through free will and choice, to create the human experience we desire.

But we are NOT all designed to create the same way!

How could we be … after all, we are like snowflakes. 

No two Souls are exactly alike.

We’re designed as masterful creators, able to manifest according to our desires.

But HOW we’re designed to create varies for each and every one of us.

Each of us has a Creative Matrix through which we were created that is the energetic framework of our Being.

Our Creative Matrix is also how we were designed to manifest our desires into our human experience.

Wouldn’t it be helpful to you to understand YOUR unique manifesting process?

You know that the Universe is a responsive mirror of your thoughts, feelings and actions.

But when you look in the mirror – does what you see make sense?

Or are you sometimes left scratching your head, wondering things like:

  • “How did I create THAT?”
  • “How on earth did I manage to attract THIS experience?”
  • “What the heck does THIS mean???”

What if you could read the mirror that is your life perfectly?

And what if you knew how to respond to what you see, so that you end up with exactly the results you want?

We can’t all look into the mirror of our circumstances and read those circumstances the same way!

We have to take a few things into account:

  • Our Soul’s creative design
  • Our Personal Law of Rhythm
  • Our Personal Law of Gestation

This is exactly what we’ll cover at the

Money & Manifesting Event

happening on November 2 – 4 in Phoenix, Arizona!!!

Not only will we look at YOUR Soul’s design as a Master Manifestor … we’ll also look at what this means in the context of your business and your finances.

Let’s face it, money comes into our lives as a result of CO-CREATION.

Yes, money may come from the Universe … but it comes from the Universe via PEOPLE.

Which means that OTHER people’s creative process plays heavily into YOUR business and money manifesting efforts.

What if you knew, based on your market’s or individual prospect’s creative process …

  • How to structure your next launch
  • How often to follow up once you make an offer, and how to time those follow-ups
  • How to structure your service delivery to minimize returns
  • And so much more ….

What if you could “read” your market’s creative process like your own, so that you can be a more effective co-creator and serve more people?

What if you knew exactly what programs and services were going to fly … and when they are on their way to a big flop unless you correct your course of action?

What if you knew the corrective actions that you can take to ensure success?

What if you knew exactly when to quit – so that you don’t waste any time or money?

This is exactly the work we will do together during our Money & Manifesting Live Event!

For two and a half days, we will explore both YOUR Divine design as the creator of your experience, and create an in-depth understanding of the co-creative process in your business.

Here’s exactly what we’ll cover:

Friday, November 2nd, 5 p.m. – 8 p.m.

The Six Phases of Manifestation

We’ll talk about the six distinct phases of manifestation and how one phase arises out of the previous phase – and what disrupts or stops our manifestation process altogether!  Once you understand which phase you are in, then you can apply what you will learn about your Soul’s creative design in order to accelerate or correct your manifestation process, to ensure that you create your desired outcome.

Saturday, November 3rd, 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Your Creative Design

Your Soul is uniquely designed to be a Divine creative force by Divine Source … so that Source could experience itself!  You are here to manifest what you want, so that your Soul can experience itself within new and different circumstances and levels of abundance.

You create all the time.  There is no moment in which we are not creating our experience.

So … we might as well invest our energy in creating what we want, right?

This is how we truly get to experience our own Divinity.

Throughout the day, you will learn how to uncover your Soul’s underlying creative matrix – and what this means for how you organize your life, your time, an your business.

You’ll learn how YOUR unique Law of Rhythm and Law of Gestation works within your mnaifesting abilities, and how you can use both of these Universal Laws to your advantage within the six phases of manifestation that we will cover on Friday evening.

You will also learn how to “read” the circumstantial results you are constantly creating, based on your Soul’s creative design.  This way, you can ensure that you are always moving towards what you want.  There is no reason for you to get slapped with the Universe’s “big stick” so that you learn a painful if valuable “lesson.”  We are not here to learn through pain and struggle – but we frequently choose to do so!

By the end of the day, you will have a very clear understanding of how YOUR manifesting process works, and how you can apply it in highly practical ways in your life and in your business.

Sunday, November 4th, 9:00 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Your Co-Creative Process

Manifesting money is actually a co-creative process!

Of course, money comes from the Universe … but it comes from the Universe via OTHER PEOPLE!  And every single person has their own creative design.

Abundance is created together.  A business is a place of co-creation.

Prospects engaging with your marketing, the subsequent sale and the resulting shared experience are all acts of co-creation.

You’ll learn exactly how the co-creative process works!  But we’re going to get even more specific than that!

The more people you co-create with, the more variety in rhythm, gestation and creative pattern you have to take into account.

So … what if you could “read” the creative matrix of your market?

What about that of an individual prospect?

What if this allowed you to time your launches to ideally suit your prospects?  What if you knew exactly when and how often to follow up to maximize sales?

Well, that’s exactly what we’ll cover on Sunday!

You’ll learn exactly how and what to tune into in order to coordinate your co-creative processes between yourself and your prospects so that your business becomes a harmonious dane that allows for authentic and Divine self-expression for all!

Along the way, we’ll have plenty of time to answer your questions as they arise.

Discover how you were designed to create your human experience.

Money & Manifesting Event

November 2 – 4, 2012
Phoenix Arizona

Our venue is the beautiful Arizona Grand Resort

Your investment: $697

BONUS: Bring your spouse, business partner or friend, for FREE.

Transformational experiences are best shared.  And having support in implementing all that you learn is equally important.  You’re invited to bring your favorite co-creator in life and business along so that new consciousness can truly take root in your life!



Not sure this is for you?  I understand attending an event is a big investment of your time!  If at any point during the event you decide that the content I’m presenting does NOT have value for you, just let us know!  Simply turn in your event materials, and we’ll refund you your full investment, no questions asked!  If your plans change and you cannot attend, refunds will be cheerfully given until October 5th, 2012.